Diego’s Best Fights

Throughout his career, Diego Sanchez has always been one of the most entertaining and hard-nosed fighters to ever set foot inside of the Octagon. He’s won some and lost some but has won the vast majority of his fights. He’s always fought hard and tough and has been a part of some of the better matches in UFC history.

It all started with his victory against Kenny Florian in The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 which secured the middleweight championship for him on the show. The fight was a battle of two imposing men both fighting at 185 pounds with reaches close to 75 inches. However the fight did not last long as Sanchez took the victory in round one with a technical knock out from punches. This victory won Sanchez his first official UFC contract, so, it was just the beginning.

His next notable triumph in the Octagon happened during the very next The Ultimate Fighter finale during it’s second season. He took on now notorious welterweight and middleweight UFC championship contender Nick Diaz. The fight went the distance with both fighters having their moments as well as both fighters succumbing to the other’s fierce offensives. In the end, Sanchez came out on top once again, this time, through a unanimous judge’s decision.

Diego’s next memorable fight was against Joe Riggs at UFC Fight Night. The fight was a quick one. Diego knocked Riggs out with an incredibly hard knee only a minute and forty five seconds into the match. The bout was also significant because it set him up for his next set of fights and eventually string of victories that would allow him a chance to fight BJ Penn for the UFC Lightweight championship where he would go on to lose through a tough TKO in the very last round.

Another great Diego Sanchez fight was when he fought Jim Miller at UFC 196. The fight was unanimous decision victory for Sanchez. Most notably it put him back on the radar after losing three out of his last four fights. In fact, the victory was so impressive that Diego was then selected to fight at UFC’s huge 200 event.